spring yellow

i was thinking about my mom lately for a couple of reasons.  its spring (on the calendar, but not if you look at the thermometer) and the forsythia are in bloom, the daffodils are about to bloom.  yellow flowers.  my mother’s favorite color.  most of mom’s house was painted yellow, most of her furniture shades of yellow and spring green.  you might have thought that her affinity to the color yellow was indicative of a sunny personality, but anyone who knew her would not have described her that way. (although there are lots of comical stories about her and the things that would come out of her mouth)

she fancied herself in the fashion know, as you can see from the picture on the right.  that was just one of her easter getups, but that’s how i remember her most from childhood.  dressing up for easter was a big deal in our house and one of probably three times a year we got new clothes (easter, christmas and beginning of the school year.  even the lord couldn’t help your hurtin’ feet if they grew too much in between)

 i still have a couple of her hats.  i can only admire them from afar since my head is bigger than hers.  i like having them around.  neither one of them is yellow.

i moved away from california (where I grew up) after college and stayed out east.  i didn’t have the kind of relationship with mom that i have with our three kids as a mom, partially because i didn’t live nearby, partially because she wasn’t that kind of mom anyway. 

i talked to her (at least) every week (usually on sunday) for 33 years (most of those years prior to cheap long distance rates).  sundays now are quiet.  no kids, no phone calls to mom.   in the age of cell phones, our kids text me a few times a week and call about once a week.  we do stuff together when they’re around.  they keep me up on popular culture, fashion, politics from the new generation. i still miss talking to mom.

Spring always makes me think of mom, not just because of yellow flowers, but because she loved flowers in general.  She was an accomplished rose gardener, a plant and a kind of gardening that was indicative of her personality (flowers and thorns). 

she died march 20th 2007.  we wore yellow corsages at her funeral.  i planted a yellow rosebush in her honor in the only sunny part in my back yard.  it won’t bloom until summer.  i’m looking forward to it.



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3 responses to “spring yellow

  1. Diana

    I saw daffodils yesterday and thought of you – they are a happy reminder of warmer days to come; but it seems they are only around for a moment before the landscape is filled with something else. Spring is really here!

  2. roberta greifer

    The piece spoke to me: the daffodils, the color yellow–to me the color of hope. I just picked many daffodils from the backyard, not planted by me but by my late mother. Her last few years at home when I picked bouquets of them for her and placed them in front of her, she marveled at the miracle of daffodils. Now, once more, it is spring, but without her. April 1st a year ago was the beginning of the end for her…But hope blooms eternal like flowers…Thank you for the beauty of your memories.

  3. Diana

    What a beautiful memory! I too am looking forward to the daffodils this year … 🙂

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