cherry blossoms

so this being the year of doing-as-many-of-the-things-i’ve-always-wanted-to-do year, we went to washington dc for the cherry blossom festival.  it’s a tricky thing trying to go to this festival because mother nature in spring is very unpredictable.  you never quite know when the trees will actually be blooming, the peak can range over a 10 day period of time.  the national park service does their level best to make a prediction. 

in spite of the cold (and hail for goodness sake!) the trees were in bloom and more spectacular than i had imagined.  as talented as (i’m sure) the photographers are for brochures and the like, the sight of the cherry trees in bloom is so amazing that even i got some good snaps.  from the window of the car no less (since the place was mobbed and traffic moved at about 5 miles per hour) 

the entire tidal basin is ringed with cherry trees, blossoms in white with the palest of pink in the centers. cross the bridge in the middle of the tidal basin and you’re are surrounded by them all.  remember the scene from the movie, pleasantville?  a canopy of cherry blossoms snowing down. still miraculous that the blossoms emerge after being ravaged by winter, helps me believe that possibilities never end.

it’s a fleeting pleasure, these blooms, because one good rain storm and they’re a distant memory.

the philadelphia flower show is the largest indoor flower show in the world.  as amazing as the exhibits are, they are as fake as the faces in hollywood.  much as i would like, cherry trees, hydrangeas and roses don’t all bloom at the same time. there’s an order to spring, a logic to the parade. 

philadelphia is only about three hours north of washington dc, but those miles translate into about a week or two in the spring bloom cycle.  only the forsythia and blub flowers are up now. there’re still cherry blossoms to look forward to here.


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