gratitude, generosity, shaping the future and the inability to speak

one of the things i kept thinking about was how L’s donor was going to feel when he sees the recording.  not that it would have made a difference to him, he said yes when he put himself in the registry.  still it might be interesting for him to see that his generosity influenced a entire community to extend their generosity to the young woman whose life he saved. 

on tuesday, the entire district music department put together a magical night showcasing their talented students to raise money to help our daughter and her husband handle the costs of a bone marrow transplant. (by extension, they helped the rest of the extended family who have all been generously lending a hand)

 our kids were instrumental students, we spent 18 years marveling at the talent and hard work of the students and directors.  L teaches elementary school music along with the 4th and 5th grade chorus.  it was a double treat to be able to see the choral kids and the instrumental kids together.  it was overwhelming to hear one teacher talk about donating his kidney to his sister and about how his niece’s organs were donated after her premature death, another talk about her young daughter’s diagnosis of cancer. 

we thought we were coming to see the regular spring concert and maybe an announcement that it was a fundraiser, we were not prepared for the entire night to be a benefit, for the entire night to be about generosity.  for the entire night to inspire our future (the kids) to be community members.

Lcouldn’t be there (doctor’s orders) but she knew what was happening, she waited for P to come home and fill in the details.  he was moved, he was speechless. 

overwhelmed only scratches the surface, i spent much of the night crying, much of the night not sleeping, wanting to thank every person there, most especially tom (district music director)

the kids were amazing (at their best) inspired by their teachers.  we were awestruck.  and proud. and speechless. 

thank you.



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  1. Denise

    Found out too late to attend. Friends posted pics. Looked like a wonderful community gathering! Makes you proud to be a Havertownie.

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