limpy, gimpy and a coonhound tale

i mentioned in earlier posts that i would talk about the dog.  the dog has been in the ‘news’ this week, so here we go.  

she is not the dog, as in the dog by which all other dogs will be judged.  partially because she’s not the first dog and partially because she’s crazy.  our oldest isn’t fond of her (too rambunctious), our second oldest adores her (posts pictures of the dog on facebook all the time) and the third oldest is kind of indifferent (except that he’s the one who discovered that she enjoys singing).   

she’s an adorable 70 lb coonhound, a tall, athletic specimen of patchwork colors who looks like a giant beagle.  she’s a sight hound.  that’s important because most people think that hounds are all scent hounds (don’t get me wrong, she picks up on scents and tracks them like a pro) but she tenaciously chases things that move in order to corner them.  that includes anything that shines on the ceiling (and most especially tin foil).  her bark is the loudest of all dog barks (we’ve clocked her at more decibels than a small engine).   

so far she’s cornered (in our small, suburban yard), little boys who climbed the fence to retrieve their tennis ball, a nest of moles, a baby bat, a baby squirrel, a nest of mice, a cat (well, that was at the cat’s house) and a groundhog (which she got hold of and wouldn’t let go of until c used her collar to cover her eyes and drag her into the house).  when she corners something, she makes more noise than you can imagine (unless you’re our neighbor and then you’ve heard the noise many a time).   

she is why we finally understand the terms ‘being hounded’ and ‘kept at bay’.   

why would anyone get this menace of a dog?  they wouldn’t.  unless they saw her sad face behind the cage at the shelter and knew that because she was a big dog and not a puppy there was little chance she was going to be alive much longer.  there was a huge awwwwww factor. she is a sweet girl (as her nan calls her). 

so, the same dog that climbs 9 foot chain link fences, routinely leaps over 4 foot gates and got shot at by a neighbor with a pellet gun came up lame with a torn acl.  a quarterback injury.   go figure.  but it didn’t slow her down.  she’s still zooming at full throttle on three legs, but her jumping skills have been shut down for now. (she gets extremely agitated at not being able to jump up on the bed and snuggle with c and me)  

doc thinks it’s a partial tear.  prescribed anti-inflammatories twice a day and told us to keep her off her feet for 2 weeks and see how she does.  if she’s not better, we’re supposed to consider surgery.  okay so we feel strongly about adopting homeless dogs, but thousands of dollars for surgery?  not so sure about that.  on the other hand, we don’t want her to have a life of constant pain (except for not being able to get up on the bed, she doesn’t seem to mind being down one leg).  and how exactly do you keep a crazy dog resting after surgery, especially when we both work?

 the leg’s already much better than a few days ago and she’s feeling better (chucked a toy at c last night)  i’m betting it won’t be much longer before we’ll be fishing her out of the creek again. 


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One response to “limpy, gimpy and a coonhound tale

  1. Liz Fraijo

    Marge, this is a great story. Made me laugh out loud. Those hounds are the best! Looking forward to reading more of your stories.
    xo CAL

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