there’ve only been a couple of times when one picture sums up an entire event. 

this week it was the photo of obama and his national security team watching the bin laden operation in real time.  take one look at that photo and you can imagine what each one of those people in the room feels like.  

read somewhere that biden is holding a rosary. 

consider what obama and his team were dealing with as trump was screaming about what he thought was the most important issue facing the united states today. 

i admit i was uncomfortable at watching people celebrate the killing of a guy.   i got over it.  sometimes there are just people in the world who personify evil.  war is one thing. spending the lion’s share of your life plotting to kill innocent civilians is a particular kind of sickness. 

 good riddance.  hopefully the more reasonable voices in the middle east, those brave ones who led pro democracy revolutions, will be the loudest.  

the united states has been at war somewhere in the world for almost half of all the years i’ve been alive.  

lets hope this is another step on the way to a more peaceful world. 

message clear: we never forget.


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