keep your distance

so if you see C and me out in public, you may want to say hello from a few feet away.  we’re without a shower for the next two weeks. in fact, we’re without an entire bathroom (we do have a powder room, so no, we’re not out in the yard with a roll of toilet paper) 

it all started with a quarter sized spot on the downstairs ceiling.  i noticed it because there’s been a spot there before, or more than just a spot.   an entire 2 foot by 2 foot area of plaster/lathe had to be removed and replaced with drywall after the kids overflowed the upstairs toilet.  (i know, yuck) 

with no one but c and i in the house, we hardly use the upstairs toilet ‘cuz we’re mainly downstairs.  we do use the shower.  still no reason for the spot on the ceiling.  called the plumber.  “well, you got 61 year old pipes here.  could be anything.  wouldn’t know for sure until we rip up the entire floor and check.”   rip out the tile floor as though it were peeling an orange.  oh lordie, lordie, lordie 

where will we ever find hexagon shaped salmon and black tile to match?  (dear lord, tell me they don’t make tile to match this ugly stuff)  it appears that our tile is so old it’s fashionable again (for some people) and we could actually match the pattern, but not the salmon color.  black and white is in vogue now.  

but really, by the time you get through ripping out the floor and subfloor and replacing all the pipes (not to mention the downstairs ceiling) do you really want to keep that tile and the 61 year old tub (with the mildew we just can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard we try?)  

yep, rip out the whole thing. gut it all and finally get the bathroom of your dreams.  or closer to it at least.  

you know what happens next.  we get estimates (friend referred a fantastic contractor whose work is up to her high standards and prices are lower than you would expect.  will pass his name along after we get all our work done first, ha.) deal with the insurance company (hey, no complaints.  we’ve never had a claim and they coughed up 1/3 of the bucks)

then we play the “as long as” game for awhile.  as long as you’re ripping out the bathroom, how much would it cost to dormer the whole top floor of the house?  of course to do that, we need the floor ripped up to add additional air conditioning ducts and as long as you’re doing that…) have you ever seen the movie, ‘mr. blanding builds his dreamhouse’?  cary grant, myrna loy.  you need to see this movie before you undertake any building or renovation.  

okay, so back to reality.  forget the dormer for now.  nothing but bathroom.  well, maybe a bigger bathroom by taking the closet space from the adjoining bedroom and having a new closet built.  okay not so bad.  

now is the mad rush to pick out tile and fixtures and vanity and and and 

i’ll let you know how things are coming along.  

btw, the art tiles were our creative touch to cover the broken soap dish and toothbrush dispensers that used to be on that wall just above the hangingoffthewall sink that was drooping.  anybody need a lightly used (beautiful) pedestal sink?


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