dog dreams

it’s been about six weeks since our miss belle earned herself a sports injury (a torn acl to be exact).  she’s still kind of living on the gimpy side of life.   

as per doctor’s orders, she’s lost weight (in order to not put too much stress on the good leg) and has been kept more or less still and quiet.  well, less still and sort of quiet.  okay, just kind of still and quiet.  alright, as still as we can keep her by containing her in one room during the day and as quiet as the loudest dog in the world could be.  

there’s a reason why you never see hounds on those dog training shows – they make the trainers look bad.  

belle hardly complained when we stopped giving her the extra dry food with her one can of wet food.  she’s a strange dog about food.  have you met a dog that can’t tell when it’s dinnertime?  or a dog that doesn’t hound you when it their dinnertime?  (that’s the only thing she doesn’t hound us about)   

of course she always begs for our dinner, and maybe some of us will let her lick the plate or eat some of the leftovers… (hey, what’s the point of having a dog if you can’t spoil them?) but her whining and begging is no different if she’s been fed or not been fed.  strange.  

as to her quarterback injury, belle is putting weight on the leg (and motors on all fours pretty good when she’s aiming to bark at the kids who live behind us)  she still can’t jump up on the bed so she lays her head on the bed and looks at us with sad eyes.  (c picked her up and put her on the bed with us but she made a noise like she was being decapitated, so he’s not inclined to do that much) 

she can get up the stairs, but hangs downstairs the majority of the time (although that’s a function of liz being gone and workmen upstairs) so the bathroom project has been a good thing because it forces us to contain her in one room of the house.  (made the mistake the one morning of allowing her to greet the workers thinking that would calm her down, but she walked out the front door while they weren’t looking)   

she doesn’t have a gimpy leg in her dreams.  she’s one of the dogs in a song by jonathan brookes and the band story  “dog dreams”  laugh at the lyrics here

better yet, download it on  hilarious.   

still, belle is getting better.  it’s just the kind of injury that takes a very long time to heal.  she doesn’t act like she’s in pain, just stiff when she gets up.  after a few minutes she puts weight on the leg (and if she’s in a hurry before that, she just powers on three legs)   

i guess she’s entitled to her hobbling since in dog years she’s old enough to qualify for medicare.  




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