also sprach showerthustra

those three notes, the attack of the orchestra, the booming bass drum… the crescendo…the shower!!! 

for those of you who have been fortunate enough to have ample showers for years, kudos to you.  but for those of us with mid-century (much better term for ugly 50s post wwII) bathrooms with inadequate showers, well..  

we have been transformed.  


it was worth the dust and the smell and the mess and the inconvenience and the money.  it is (almost) the bathroom of our dreams (yeah, we still would like to have the deep, soaking tub as well as the fabulous shower, but…) 

it was all the more sweet since we were driving 15 minutes to take a shower at C’s mom’s house (thank you J for the generous use of showertime!).  and now… we walk in to our new cavernous shower.   

here’s just a taste of the redo (we’re still waiting for the light fixture to come in).  we will do the entire reveal when it’s all finally done.   

once again, as always, we make a good team.  we had the same vision for design, i picked more of the tile details, he did the research and picked out the toilet, faucets and fixtures.  we agreed on paint and decorative accessories.   


can’t stop saying it. 



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One response to “also sprach showerthustra

  1. Chris

    Congratulations on getting to this point! What I can see looks very luxurious. Enjoy it, and…who cares about 97 degree heat when you have a great working shower that doesn’t leak 🙂

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