the week of things not working and people not working things properly

we’ve all had the kind of week where all things mechanical are angry, possessed, uncooperative and downright surly.  of course, it would (in some cases) be the fault of the mechanical object and in some the human operator.  and in some the fault of the stars of

 so the copy machine at work decides to jam, then expel a piece along with the jammed papers, which in turn fractures another piece (plastic of course) which hides in another area that stops the copier from working entirely.  bottom line: copy machine does nothing but scream (yep, literally a loud scream) when asked to make copies.  even when it’s politely asked.  even when it’s kicked (which, btw is what the technician did when he showed up to fix it.)  (it still didn’t work)

technician finds the shards of broken plastic, puts the machine back together (and presumably apologizes for kicking the poor thing) and gets it working again.  

however, the air conditioner (which hasn’t worked properly since they came and did maintenance on it in february…hmmm, think that might have been the issue?) labors to keep the office at a sweltering 80 degrees.  yet, the repairmen continue to diagnose the problem as human error.  as in humans in the office have too many lights on, have a vent closed in a hardly used room that’s freezing all of the time, have thermostat wars, etc. etc. any number of issues that do not address the fact that an air conditioned is supposed to condition the damn air.   their attitude was that pretty much nothing was wrong with the system (which was working fine before they replaced whatever was necessary to replace in the dead of winter) that educating dumb humans couldn’t fix.  

which bring me to the stupid human trick of the week.  notice the picture illustrating one company’s version of properly installed plumbing. 

three years ago we had new solid surface countertops and sink installed.  the sink began to commit a slow suicide by cracking and looked terrible.  no problem, said the company, you have a 14 year guaranteed.  they come to replace the sink.  somehow they didn’t consider that replacing a sink would involve plumbing. 

okay, so i’m just a dope when it comes to some things, but even i know that if the line says “cold”, you have to hook it up to the cold pipe, thus forcing you to hook the hot pipe to the hot.  ummmmm, not so fast.  apparently, since the word was cold instead of ‘frio’ (which i googled found out is the spanish word for cold) the guy was clueless.  then i watched him take the pipe outside and cut off a 2 ½ inch piece and toss it on the driveway then proceed to stick a piece of rubber to connect the two pipes and use hose clamps to hook the whole thing together.  even i knew that couldn’t be right.  

i spoke to the installer’s supervisor who said to me when i questioned the patchwork hookup,  “they sell parts to do that, don’t they? so, it must be okay.”  well, there you go. 

so the next time something breaks, fix it with whatever you feel like and expect it to work. 

btw, we hired a real plumber to fix everything properly.  and the air conditioning company stopped back and work and installed a new valve on the air conditioner that was working just fine (except for human error). so now it works.



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