some ways the internet didn’t make the world a lot easier

we’re planning our 2011 vacation.  i won’t say summer vacation because by the time we take vacation it won’t be summer anymore.  that’s deliberate.  since we’re unencumbered by kids, we might as well not stick to a school schedule.  the dog doesn’t know the difference.  

there was a report on the news the other night that said that people get more enjoyment out of planning their vacation than actually going on the vacation.  who are these people?  okay, maybe if there were disasters during the vacation or a tragedy or something like that.  but, really?  i must have low standards because being on vacation is always better than not being on vacation.  always.  always! 

back to vacation planning… here comes the nostalgia part.  remember when you used to call the airline and get the best price and the best flight time?  anyone tried to find and book a flight on-line lately?  it’s like being elmer fudd, “be vewy vewy cawful…”  there are so many “discount” sites and they pair together these crazy combos of flights.  you have to watch how many stops, how many hours (layovers of 12 hours or more? really?), takeoff times, what kind of equipment they’re flying… sheesh.   

yes, i know there are data filters and i use them, but still the crazy stuff comes out.  after hours of struggling to find something appropriate (ie, nonstop flights.  sorry, too old for extra takeoffs, landings and layovers) c logged onto southwest.  ahhhhhhh.  (okay, so one of the flights leaves at 7am, but hey, if we’re going to be stuck on the plane for 6 hours, we might as well be sleep deprived to guarantee we’ll sleep.)  

then we get to the hotel bookings, which is an entirely different story.  package or no package, bundle with the car and flight?  pay extra for the view, or save the money for a better restaurant?  its time consuming.  not to mention reading all the reviews on the places (conclusion: you know what opinions are like…).   

trust me, i’m not a perfectionist who has to get the best place for the lowest price in the perfect place and schedule the perfect events… ugh.  i’m just trying to plan out enough so that there’s time to go exploring while we’re there.  but there’s an information overload. and a whole lot of stuff on the internet is bull puckey.  (i know you’re surprised)   

so why exactly is it that people have more fun planning their vacation than going on it?  those must be people who use travel agents. 



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3 responses to “some ways the internet didn’t make the world a lot easier

  1. Chris

    I see the Internet as Pandora’s Box. In the case of travel aggregators, recently the greedy airlines have gotten in the middle of what used to be easy sidestepping of airlines (thanks, AA). The travel times (yeah, you did see 12-hour layovers) are crazy, and the no nonstop world, don’t even get me started. The grotesque lack of customer service and endless fees and charging extra for ‘premium’ seats, and delays … What’s next? Charging for air? Southwest is a breath of fresh air in a Pandora’s Box filled with evil airline gotchas. So annoying.

  2. Diana

    good punch line! 😀

  3. Because the anticipation is free of the inevitable frustrations. Bad weather, hotel room issues, airport hassles, unexpected tourist expenses, dumb things you get sucked into, like the big giant orange place in Kissimmee that sells all kinds of stuff colored orange. Not really orange, though.

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