Déjà vu all over again

The Dow took a nosedive yesterday that felt a whole lot like the last time the Dow took a dive.  Which was a lot like the time before when the Dow took a dive.  And the time before that.  And the time before that, and…  there’s been a bit of volatility in the market over the years.

I was unemployed in 2008, watching the economy melt down.  We were sitting on a shared rental property in California that was losing value each day and that wasn’t earning any rent.  Weird crap was going down at C’s company.  We had one child in college and another one headed to college.  Our oldest had just graduated from college and was planning her wedding.  Then she was diagnosed with leukemia.

What was that about the economy again?

In the middle of all that, I figured I’d better get a full-time job before layoffs got worse.  Hey, I hear you laughing. Want to laugh harder?  I was trying to get a job in the financial sector.  (I figured I’d end up at Starbucks or Macy’s or housecleaning or some such) 

I answered a tiny ad in the local paper and got a call within minutes.  They wanted me for an interview the next day.  I remember thinking there must be something lousy about this job if they’re that desperate.  In the midst of the economic meltdown of the Fall of ’08, the office manager for these three financial guys suddenly dropped dead.  

I started working there three days after the interview. 

So while there seems to be another economic meltdown in progress, our circumstances are different (I have a job, C’s company is going gangbusters, we only have one in college, the CA house was sold) but most importantly, our oldest is coming up on the first anniversary of her life saving bone marrow transplant and doing very, very well in her recovery.  No cancer cells in sight. 

Looks like the country (if not the world economy) is headed toward another recession.  The money guys I work for are visibly shaken. 

C and I have a different perspective. 

I hope you do too.


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