answers to the candy bar quiz

what’s the number one selling candy bar?   snickers

how many of the candy bars listed have peanuts?  3

which of these candy bars were marketed by being dropped out of an airplane over cities in 40 states?  butterfinger

which of these candy bars are made by mars?  4 (m&ms, snickers, milky way, 3 muskateers)

which of these candy bars is referred to as the “mars bar” in the rest of the world?  milky way

which one is the oldest?  hershey bar, 1894

which one is the newest?  junior mints, 1949

what do the initial “m & m” stand for?   mars & murrie

which bar had the original name of kandy kake? baby ruth 

match the slogan to the candy:  

a sweet to eat      hershey bar

the real deal       baby ruth

if only all good things could last this long    milky way




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2 responses to “answers to the candy bar quiz

  1. I stand corrected. Never quibble with a man who spent his youth around mountains of chocolate. Thanks Mike!

  2. Mike S

    I have a quibble w/ the Mars Bar v. Milky Way answer — it’s a little more complicated…. Details:

    My Dad owned a candy and tobacco warehouse business, so I have moved thousands and thousands of cases of chocolate bars! I’ll never forget walking into the “cold room” on a 100 degree summer day. 60 degrees and the smell of hundreds of cases of chocolate bars. I wish I had some pictures…

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