A Truly Thankful Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were all in Texas to celebrate a truly thankful Thanksgiving.  L was approaching her 100 day mark, the mark that she needed to pass without clean scans after her bone marrow transplant in order to be able to come home again.  And honestly, we were all weary of being separated, of being out of our routine, of being away from home and ready to go back to our lives. 

It was the first time all of us had been together since early August, the first time E and J were able to see their sister.  It was good for them to see her recovering, better that they weren’t with her during the worst awful days in the beginning.  No one needs to remember those days. 

Four cooks managed to maneuver a tiny apartment kitchen and put together a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.  Together, on borrowed chairs and a rickety hand-me-down table decorated as best we could from the Target dollar section, we raised our glasses in a toast and shared our meal and made it the best Thanksgiving that we could. 

A year later it seems a world away, it was a life away.  L is back to work now, her health constantly improving.  Her scan at the one year mark revealed not even a microscopic trace of cancer.  She is still living the after effects of transplant, hopefully these will pass as time goes on.

E graduated from IUP and aged out from Phantom Regiment and is now enjoying being a carefree young adult.  J is in his junior year at Boyer College of Music (Temple University) and paying gigs all around Philadelpha.  C and I went on our first vacation alone in almost 30 years. Extended family is thriving and well. 

So much has happened in the year since our last Thanksgiving, so much of it good and better still.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


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