just when you thought (or like C says, thinking is your first problem…)

we were getting ready to celebrate christmas and all the wonderful things that have happened through 2011, when there was a hitch in the plans.  L was admitted to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania three days before christmas (and told to be prepared to stay there for 4 – 5 days)  friday was the worst scary day because the docs were still figuring out what was going on (even though all the recent news from her test have been very good, any turn in a post bone marrow transplant patient still makes everyone clutch).  

like the troopers we all are (this label includes L and her husband, in-laws and all of our extended family), we regrouped and pulled together an alternative christmas.  hey, if you can’t come to the party, we’ll bring the party to you. (in spite of not having any power from friday night until saturday afternoon)  L had lots of visitors, gifts and goodies.  we all had lots of laughs. 

thankfully, the docs methodically worked through all the possibilities and pinned down what was going on.  (don’t you just love smart docs?) soon after they began treatment, L perked up and was able to be discharged on christmas afternoon.  (i believe the doc’s actual words were: “merry christmas.  go home”)  

once she and her husband got home, they whipped up a christmas dinner for his family then invited the rest of us over to finish the celebration.   a good time was had by all. 

maybe I should end the story there, but something else occurred to me.  actually, something else has been stuck in my craw for awhile and got coughed up again because of last week.   

 we’ve all heard the old glass half empty, half full analogy.  (sometimes these old saying are just so very true)  in this case, someone turned our ability to regroup and function (highly) in a crisis into a negative.  said person decreed that we are good in a crisis, but not so otherwise. (this was said when we were in the middle of a terrible crisis (the first few days of L’s bone marrow transplant) 

it would never have occurred to me that rising above a crisis and actually finding redeemable moments would be considered something to criticize.  wtf?  insert sound of head scratching here. or other gestures that may be made with isolated fingers.

Not just was the timing bad on this one, but I’m still trying to figure out what it means.  (i was bothered at the time, should have gotten over being bothered by now, found out i’m still bothered)    

yep, we had a nice christmas.  not the one we were envisioning, not the one we planned for, but the one we made out of what was dealt.  i, for one, was proud of us all.



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2 responses to “just when you thought (or like C says, thinking is your first problem…)

  1. Marge,

    No judgement from these quarters … let’s try to talk next weekend if you have time. Love, Ileana

  2. Chris

    Hear, hear, Marge. Since you told me about it last year, I’ve thought about that comment often and gotten annoyed all over again each time. Especially since the opposite of ‘being good in a crisis’ seems to be a total absence, not showing up at all, out of sight-out of mind.
    Pot calling the kettle black?

    I’m glad that everyone was able to party and have fun, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, whatever the locale 🙂

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