resolutions (sort of)

last year i made a deliberate effort to ignore all other new year’s resolutions except one: take a real vacation.  i headed into new year’s eve with the same point of view (and even the same goal), then found myself drifting back to old habits of making resolutions.  (the problem is, that the resolution thing really does kind of work out) 

so here is my list of, well not resolutions exactly, but some stuff i’m going to try to do in the new year: 

read at least one licensing agreement, including all the fine print before hitting “agree”. 

try to understand the account agreement from the credit card company. 

not care about wrinkles. 

not buy any stuff that’s supposed to do something about wrinkles. 

quit complaining about pumping gas. 

quit pumping gas. 

find out what i’m really allergic to. 

eat one new thing (but find out what i’m allergic to before i do that) 

put something in the cloud. 

remember which cloud i put it in.

continue to care as little as possible about the kardashians. 

stifle the impulse to throw things at the television when certain politicians are on it.  


celebrate thanksgiving, christmas and new years all the same weekend (or at least before the world ends on 12/21/2012)




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