thanks, but no thanks

so, last week thousands of kids who attend catholic high schools and grade schools in the philadelphia area were told by the archdiocese of philadelphia that they were out of luck.  a blue ribbon panel recommended that 48 grade schools and 4 high schools in the archdiocese should close.  soon to follow, 50 parishes worth of catholics will be told that their parish is no more.  (but by the way, DON’T FORGET TO GO TO CHURCH AND PUT YOUR CHECK IN THE COLLECTION… AND GO TO CONFESSION, SINNER!) 

people were (and still are) devastated. 

i didn’t go to school around here, but i did go to catholic schools (my high school is now still there in name, but long gone as the school that i went to).  the philadelphia area catholics are a different breed of catholic from california catholics (you can imagine).  when i first moved here, people would routinely ask what parish you were from or live in as opposed to the township or municipality.  (there are many who still do)  loyalty reigns.  rivalries abound. there are schools that were closed decades ago who still have loyal alumni who meet regularly and raise money for scholarships so other kids can go to other catholic schools in the name of their now closed school.  (they deliberately do not give money to the archdiocese) 

we live a very good school district so we sent our kids to public school and sent our kids to catechism training at the local parish.  we (and our kids) were (are) considered second class catholics (even though the large majority of catholic kids in our parish did not attend the parish school but did attend ccd)  it was made clear that we were not terribly welcome.  we stuck it out until our kids made all the sacraments necessary to continue the faith if they so chose.  

then came the sex abuse (abuse of power) revelations.  done and done.  i could not stomach being associated with such utter corruption and filth.  we knew plenty of people who stuck it out, believed what the church said about fixing itself.   

and now this.  and no one believes that all of this would be necessary if not for the huge settlements in the sex abuse cases.  

lies and deceit charge very high prices.  what is being lost right now is incalculable. 

C quotes St. Peter as looking down and saying, “I built a church and this is what you guys do with it?”


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