life from both floors now

C and I are now greeting the morning from one story above where we had been for the past two decades.

we own a cape cod style house, where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and one bedroom and a bathroom downstairs.  when we first moved in, we only had one child, so the arrangements were perfect.  we took the large master bedroom and l got the cozy bedroom across the hallway all to herself.  the downstairs room became a den/office/guest room.  then we had E.  our master bedroom was large enough that we had plenty of room for E’s cradle right next to the bed.  when she got old enough, we moved E across the hallway into the bedroom with her sister, L.  little kids fit nicely into a little room.  a few years later J came.

at one point there was a bed, a crib and a cradle all in one bedroom.  the kids didn’t seem to mind.  (maybe L did, being the oldest…) it wasn’t great when we were trying to get them to go to sleep (oh, and there are a few embarrassing stories about three kids in a room that i’ll leave that for another day) J was rapidly outgrowing a cradle though.

we had to make the big move.  nope, not a new house, but C and I downstairs, two girls in the big (master) bedroom and j (being the only boy) in the small bedroom all to himself.  of course, that necessitated a new family room/office and a room for the kids and… we’ve been very good at playing tetris in the house.

but now, L’s married and E’s in an apartment.  J’s still in college, but he’s living in an apartment too.  there is one bedroom set up for anyone who wants/needs to move home, or anyone who wants to visit.  (I emphatically say now to our children that you are always welcome back home!) (there’s still another bedroom upstairs too, waiting for sleepovers with grandchildren)

so C and I finally bought the king size bed we’ve always wanted and moved back upstairs to the master bedroom of the house.  in fact, we’ve taken over the whole second floor of the house as our master suite since we made the smaller bedroom into a dressing room.  and, of course, we’ve got the brand new bathroom to enjoy up there.

can you hear the ahhhhhhhhhhhhs?

it’s funny you do what you have to do and you get used to what you have to get used to, and then…  I never realized how noisy it was downstairs.  the view from the downstairs bedroom was lousy and the closet was too tiny for one, let alone two.  we lived with clutter because we didn’t have another choice.

upstairs is zen.  no clutter.  serenity.  quiet.  views of the treetops.

we enjoyed the crowded, noisy house and now we’re enjoying the peace.


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