it’s the women, stupid!

this ‘war on women’ thing?  yeah, it’s happening.  and not in the way that you might think.  the latest kerfuffle regarding what hilary rosen said about ann romney is just so much stuff and nonsense.  if you haven’t been banged over the head with this junk, here’s the story:  some jerk made a stupid remark about romney’s wife (who at the time was trying to help her husband close the gap among women voters).  romney’s wife fired back and then dems and repubs started firing dumber and dumber stuff back at one another.

but here’s the really interesting part:  this fight over women and whether they work an outside job or whether they work raising kids is a “pretty pony” move.  (as in “look at the pretty pony… take your eye off the real issues and look! here! something shiny!)

this whole “women” thing has a real “otherness” feel about it.  as in, … some of my best friends are…  it’s disjointed from the reality that men and women both inhabit and support this world.  it represents an “us” “them” reality that flies in the face of the fact that we are living in 2012 and that we’ve already had a lengthy discussion about all this over many years.  haven’t we?! (fyi, mad men is a television show… fiction… not 2012)

all of this discussion is as similar to a discussion of race or religion, but it’s hiding a far more sinister underpinning and that’s how the “otherness” quotient affects public policy.

if you truly don’t know anything about another group and probably don’t much care about them, that other group is considered only in the context of how it might benefit your bid for election/reelection.  here’s what those deemed “other” can expect:  either nothing gets done that would benefit their particular interests, or what does get done is not in their best interest.

if you find yourself being argued over by political groups, pay close attention.  it is not flattery, it’s a sign that you aren’t even part of the real discussion, that you don’t actually exist in their world.

keep your guard up or next thing you know you’ll be barefoot and locked in a kitchen.


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  1. Jay Leno, 4/12/12: “Look how far we have come. Now Democrat women can say things as stupid as Republican men!”

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