here a kindle, there a kindle, everywhere a kindle

you’ve got bugs.  lots of bugs.  on your person, on your clothes and in your house.  and if you’ve got a lot of books (like we used to have), you’ve got silverfish, beetles and maybe even roaches, not to mention their, eeeooowwww, feces.  (clarification:  we do not have roaches!  silverfish are another story). such are the perils of being a book lover.  sigh.

thinking more seriously about one of those e-readers now?

i got my first kindle, the kindle dx, four years ago, which has the largest display (and is now a dinosaur).  i wasn’t entirely convinced that i would go paperless with books and the daunting price tag that would buy a whole lot of books by the way, but C showed up with one and how could i possibly say no?  it was love at first read.

the first time we took L to md anderson for a consult, i was standing in line for coffee holding my kindle and two guys behind me actually asked if they could touch it.  i think they might have even drooled over it.  you’d hardly get a second glance these days.

now i have a travel kindle and my dx bedside kindle and i’m considering the new fire.  i’ve got the kindle app on my computer at work, the one at home and my iphone.  hey, sometimes you just have to find out what’s going to happen in chapter 6!

before you bemoan the fact of e-readers or rail about the dumbing of americans, etc. etc.  i will tell you that although my books have long been redistributed to second hand stores or recycle bins, i’m reading three to four times as many books as i used to bookstores and libraries were among my favorite places on earth and we all know what happened to most bookstores (and even libraries for that matter).  many rooms of the house had bookshelves overflowing with books.  then i got sick of dusting books and managing space for books and memories associated with certain books on the shelves.

it’s not unusual for me to be reading 3 or 4 different books at the same time, depending upon my mood, so obviously carrying around a kindle makes that a lot easier.  but now i’m thinking it might be nice to have a color display for magazines too.  i already read the digital paper except sundays and holidays when the day isn’t really complete without a newspaper.

and now, (excitement of all excitement) amazon has a lending library for kindle owners.  cheer!  and most library systems have a lending system for e-books.  big cheer! and there’s the gutenberg project , which digitized classic books from which you can borrow books. bigger cheer! (although most classics are free on kindle)

and biggest cheer of all, i will soon have a novel available for kindle!  (stay tuned for more details on that)


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