let’s do that! or that! or that!

i used to be a bit of an adventurer.  well, if you call taking off on a 2 month camping trip to montana when i was 18 or taking a 2 ½ month trek through europe when i was in college being an adventurer.  then i became a parent and the adventures became small – a nature walk around the back yard or our street or sometimes the neighborhood, a vacation to the outer banks in nc, a fancy new recipe.

now i’m living vicariously through our three kids, who are in the adventuring time of their lives.  sigh.  i miss those days and i want them back but i’m older and wiser and lacking in the courage of a young person.

so, our oldest (after a bone marrow transplant) announced last year that she was going out to colorado to learn how to climb mountains. (with her doctors’ permission and blessing) (!)  she went with an organization called first descents http://firstdescents.org/ and while she was there was a part of a documentary that has been made about the participants in the organization.  here’s the link to the trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geiiio-tpne&feature=youtu.be  her husband is heading down to nc for a week long kayaking trip for caregivers of young adult cancer survivors a couple of weeks before she heads to colorado for a kayaking trip.

our second oldest announced at the age of 16 that she was going to join a drum corps called jersey surf www.jerseysurf.org.  but she didn’t drive and she needed a ride to nj.  she didn’t know a soul there quickly made friends, got herself a spot in the color guard and spend the next four summers traveling and competing with this drum corps.  then she announced that she wanted to audition for one of the elite drum corps (there is a whole lot of other detail here that i will skip because some of it is heartbreaking/anger provoking).  after a series of unfortunate events, she flew to illinois to try to join phantom regiment http://www.regiment.org/  (she didn’t have a solid spot because she missed the auditions)  but she figured if she showed up, worked harder than everyone else and caught their eye, she would earn a spot.  damn if that isn’t what happened.  she auditioned the next year and earned a spot for herself as a phantomette in the show “juliet”.  here’s the opening number from last year’s finals.  e is one of the dancers in the beautiful dresses J http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hlx1l2tj-r4

so now, your son has embarked on his big adventure.  (probably the first of many)  he’s gone to ghana on the west coast of africa to spend 6 weeks teaching music in the music school in takoradi. he teamed up with an organization called agape http://www.agape-volunteers.com/ who were specifically looking for volunteers to teach music.  he’s writing a blog of his experiences http://spinachbrains.wordpress.com/ .  at first he was the only volunteer there, so that was kind of lonely, but now others have arrived and he’s got all kinds of travel plans to explore the country.

now i’m thinking that it’s probably time to get back to some kind of big adventure with c.  for as much fun as it is to live vicariously, it’s nothing like the real thing.  travel books, here we come!


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