big issues, small triumphs

there’s been a lot of big news lately, which seems odd for the summer.  some of the news is about the summer, or the weather this summer.  it’s hot.  it’s very hot.  it’s hotter than it’s ever been.  ever.  (but it’s not so humid so the heat’s really not that bad as far as i’m concerned).   we could just be hot and talk about how we beat the heat, but we’re compelled to talk about why it’s so hot and what’s going to be done about it.  i’m glad there are people who are educated and passionate about this debate because i’m just too lazy.

a lot of the news is about the economy.  people are still hurting.  unemployment, underemployment, completely discouraged workers, trouble in the eurozone, a flat (or maybe still falling) housing market.  i can’t ignore all of this because i work in the financial sector where the rise and fall of the market and trends in the economy are part of our every work day, but there’s only so much i can pay attention to.

there’s the upcoming presidential election, but honestly, i need a break from political yap yap.  it’s seems there’s entire subculture of people who do nothing else in a day but spin political talk until it seems that they have nothing else in their lives.  wait, they don’t have anything else in their lives.  surely that’s a problem.

the penn state child abuse scandal looms large here in pa, but i wonder how much attention it’s getting in the rest of the country.  aside: the freeh report is the only horror story you need to read this summer. really scary part is that it’s not fiction.

then there’s the really huge story of the summer, of the century, of all time and that’s the higgs bosen particle.  it’s so far off the charts in terms of what it all means and yet it’s been largely ignored except for physics and other scientific folks. there have been some great articles written for us lay people explaining the importance of higgs bosen.  this is something you should take the time to read.  it will enlighten your life.  hardly anyone paid a lot of attention to it.

it all seems too much to have to think about on a hot day in july as i’m picking cucumbers from the garden and realizing that it’s been so long since it’s rained that my 80 gallon rain barrel has run dry.

then there’s rouge spidey, the red garden spider who’s been living in my driver’s side mirror for the past week.  i would never have even noticed her (i know she’s a girl because i looked it up) but for some odd reason she insists on death defying acrobatics while i’m driving to work.  i can’t help but be distracted.  people think it’s because i’m texting (which bugs me because i’m witnessing something really dramatic and important).  you’d think i would have noticed her web when i touched the car door handle, but nope, never did.  wouldn’t have known that rouge spidey was there if she hadn’t insisted on the high wire act.  i’ve been trying to snap a picture of her for three days now, but she only comes out when i’m driving.  why she insists on climbing out from behind the shelter of my side view mirror while the car is moving is a mystery to me.  she scrambles out from behind the mirror and makes her way toward the door handle where she’s anchored her spectacular web while the car is moving at 50 miles an hour.   i can’t figure out why she decides to do this only when the car is moving the fastest.  have you seen these recent reports showing that animals are smarter than we thought and deliberately funnier than we thought?  i’m wondering if rouge spidey is like that.  maybe she’s auditioning for a cirque show.

i keep waiting for her web to break and rougie to go flying to a new home by the side of the road, but that sucker spins some steely web.  she hangs on and even more impressively, scrambles against the wind until she finally gets to the mirror every time.   she hangs out on the mirror for awhile then crawls behind it and stays in the shelter of the mirror housing. now that’s the interesting part.  she stays behind that mirror all day long.  my car is parked in the blazing sun for almost nine hours and i have to imagine that spidey would have a much easier time staying alive if she were in a garden somewhere with cooling shade.  there are some mighty fine gardens in close proximity to where i park, yet, she persists in staying in my mirror.  i’m never really sure if she’s still there when i leave work, she doesn’t come out on the drive home.  i pull her web off the car every night after i park in the driveway and every morning so far she’s dutifully spun another artful (if not indestructible) web in its place.

i’m not sure how long spiders live, so rouge spidey may be a resident of my car mirror for quite some time.  or, she may wander off this weekend and into the gardens.  i’ll find out on monday.

with all the other big stores in the news it felt like a vacation to concentrate on rouge spidey.  i hope she’s still there on monday.  if not, i have to say i’m going to miss her aerialist act.  it was one of the hits of the summer so far.


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