Just love

the persistent heat is getting to people. at least that’s the explanation i’m going with.  otherwise i’d have to get pretty angry at what’s going in in public discourse.

besides shouting about political parties and candidates, elections and even olympic athletes, now people are shouting about a place that sells crappy fast food.  people are debating the owner’s statements, debating whether freedom of speech allows for municipalities to overreach, debating whether businesses with stated discriminatory viewpoints should be allowed to collect taxpayer benefits in the form of tax incentives to build new locations in municipalities.  debating who can love and how.

maybe instead of lining the pockets of a guy who uses his religious and political beliefs to get you to buy more crappy food, (and should always wonder whether ‘outspokenness’ is just a marketing ploy) we should step away from the fried chicken and waffle fries.

the fact is, fast food is junky food.  yes, even chicken fast food. you can reply how much you love the nuggets or the classic or whatever, but the fact is that this is not food that serves your soul.  it’s not even really food that nourishes you properly.  maybe that’s the real problem.

how about you get a fresh killed, minimally processed chicken, cook it up (or skip the chicken part and enjoy the bounty of avocados right now) and serve with some fresh baked bread, some tomatoes just picked from a (preferably new jersey) garden, some lettuce and homemade mayonnaise?  maybe some fresh basil or a lovely balsamic vinegar and rosemary dressing.

share it with friends.  or relatives.  or strangers.  or pets.

talk about nourishing one another (on all levels, not just with food) while you’re being nourished with fresh food.

and pay attention to what’s around you.  and be thankful for what’s around you.  and talk in a low voice, face to face, person to person, human to human.  and laugh.  and smile.

and learn that to love and be loved is an act of godliness.


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  1. Barbara Bloom

    Yum. Sounds good.

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