time to linger

the light has changed.  the calendar still says august and the weather is still stuck on hot, but the angle and density of the light has definitely changed.  the constant buzz of the cicadas has changed to the ebb and flow of the crickets.  the fireflies are long gone and there’s just a hint of color on some of the leaves.

last year seemed a little sad to me that fall came upon us and i never got a chance to feel the sand between my toes or the ocean on my skin. c and i got ‘down a shore’ for lunch and a walk on the boardwalk, but didn’t have enough time for sitting on the beach.  i’m not exactly sure why, it probably had something to do with crowds.

(for those of you not acquainted with the south jersey beach area, it’s as though the city of phila and all the surrounding suburbs join with the population of new jersey and a whole bunch of canadians (?)to create an annoying mess at the water’s edge)  i’m not a fan of the mess, just the surf and sand.

since c and i take our vacations in the fall now we seem to miss the summer vacation type things.  this year i wanted at least a glimpse of the summer stuff, a long weekend near the ocean, maybe a long sit on the beach with a good book.

the weather didn’t cooperate much, rain invaded every afternoon.  still, we got in some beach time before the rain, then sat on the porch and enjoyed the view.  even with the rain, the ocean is majestic.  bonus: the rain drove the crowds away.

and oh, did we enjoy some good food.  simple food.  great food.  simply great food.  a cheese and sausage board with berries and flatbread.  the four cheeses made exclusively for the hotel by local farmers were little bits of heaven.  the chef transformed a homey dish of deviled eggs into a form of art to savor, one with tuna tartar, one with a slice of perfectly cooked beef, one with strips of pickled tomato.  a crab cake became a thing of beauty and a delight, the truffled french fries were beyond all else.  (well, maybe not the kohr’s brothers frozen custard).  oh lord.

then there were the cocktails served in tall, elegant iced glasses.  addictive.

the advance to fall will continue but at least i’ve had my taste of summer.


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One response to “time to linger

  1. Diana

    Lovely! My version of summer has included farmers markets and the most delicious peaches (the quintessential summer flavor!), plums of many many kinds, nectarines, watermelon … And some new choices – Tokyo turnips, sapote, baby artichokes … Very fun!

    Thanks for sharing, happy Friday! 😉

    Diana From my iPhone

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