Welcome to Battle: Victim

used to be a time when sacrificing an animal and sometimes a person to a deity was rather commonplace.  all those chickens, roosters and goats constituted the true definition of a victim: “a living being sacrificed to a deity or in the performance of a religions rite.”

somewhere along the line between when we all stopped taking sacrifice literally.  somehow the idea of being a victim became more appealing and the prominent definition of victimhood became, “one that is subjected to oppression, hardship or mistreatment.”

then even the definition of that became expanded to including a nasty glance, hurt feelings or not finishing in first place every time.

victimhood is back in vogue.

romney’s 47% comments were all over the news and i was kind of puzzled at the use of the word victim.  okay, so i could maybe have gotten with the idea of too many people on the dole or people being their own worst enemies or even people just being stupid, but half the country thinking of themselves as victims?  hmmmmm.

so, if 47% are victims, does that mean the other 53% are perpetrators?

i pay taxes, so i’m not a 47%er but i’m definitely not a perpetrator.  apparently no one else is either.

i recently discovered the billionaire koch brothers saying to the wichita eagle that they are the real victims in america.  yes, $62 billion, seven homes, a combined wealth that doubled under obama still did not shield these unfortunate souls from having their feelings hurt, and that makes them victims.

guess that kills my dream of hitting the lottery.

if i’m still going to be a victim even when i’m so wealthy that i have the freedom to do pretty much whatever i want whenever i want to, i’m spending my extra folding money on a draft beer instead of a lottery ticket. 



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