out here on ‘n’ street

so what do you think the odds are that i can get a meeting with a bunch of members of congress?  i’m kind of aiming high on that, so maybe i’ll just try to get a meeting with my senator or representative.  i looked up on their websites on how to book a face to face and there’s no information, but when i googled how to set up a face to face meeting with my senator, i found that other groups who couldn’t wrangle a meeting through ‘normal’ channels were successful at booking a meeting by just showing up and catching the staff off guard.  sadly though, the senator never showed up to meeting even after it was legitimately scheduled.

most senators and representatives invite you to just send an email if you have something to say.   you know that’s just because they want to capture your email address.  and, they make you enter a topic line, so an unpaid intern can just bundle the emails together and write a summary of “for it” or “against it”.  they’re not really interested in what you have to say.

of course that’s how it goes for us little people on nobody street.  but if you’re a big donor, whole groups of elected officials from “the hill” will show up at your convenience.  at your place or theirs.  drop some serious cash on an election and you’re suddenly an ‘expert’ on whatever it is you want to yack about.

i’m shuddering just thinking of what crazy stuff is being put in the ears of the folks the rest of us showed up and stood in line to vote for.

here’s the really interesting part:  while the donors wrap themselves in flags and belch out lines from their pocket constitution and try to act like patriots, they are not of high intention regardless of what they say.  they are only self-interested and your self can go drop dead.

they might whine about how they’re supporting the ne’er do wells of the nation, but the real agenda is to get a better tax break or more favorable corporate treatment or in one case, not get indicted for god sake (truth not fiction).

it’s not a partisan thing, it’s an access thing.  even if you lose an election you can buy a spot in the debate.  and if you were on the winning side, hell, you probably get a diplomatic post, or at the very least an invitation to a white house dinner.

anyone you know ever been asked to a white house dinner?  me neither.  although i did once know a guy who wrangled tickets to the easter egg roll every year and he wouldn’t tell me how.

doesn’t it seem that ordinary people should be the ones going to white house dinners?  afterall, we pay for the place too.  oh right, we can visit the white house but we have to write to our member of congress up to 6 months in advance to get in.  what do you think the odds are that you’re getting white house tickets from an elected official that you didn’t vote for or give any money to?

of course i don’t personally know a whole lot of people so rich that they can toss a couple million at a candidate without even having it count as a charitable deduction.  you got to know that makes it an “investment” and we all know that when you invest you expect return on investment.

the donor parade is going on right now in washington while some people are supposed to be negotiating a way for us all to no go over the “fiscal cliff”.  unless you tossed around some serious buckage during the election, no one is going to listen to what you have to say about how we negotiate the “fiscal cliff”.  and you also know there are only a few of us that are actually going to be tossed off that cliff and it’s not the ones who can afford a parachute.

unless… you spend as much time emailing or calling or writing letters to elected officials as you spend posting crap on facebook.

so, maybe the interns will still just toss your thoughts into a box of “do this” or “don’t do that”, but you can at least stack the box.   you never know, maybe when the numbers of communications add up they’ll total more than the dollars from the big donors.

hey, it is the time of year to believe in miracles.


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