what should not have been

This should have been a post about Christmas traditions or cookies, Christmas concerts or decorations.  Maybe something about music or diet or driving home from work in the dark or even one about the lousy flu bug that’s got a lot of people sick or the big storm that’s gripping the midwest.

This should have been a post with funny stories and family secrets, friends and future ponderings.

This should have been a post about anything else but 20 dead first grade children and 6 dead elementary school workers.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook horror, everyone took to their corner and the long rehearsed lines began – gun control! mental health! arming teachers! resident evil! –each argument more emphatic than the one before, all trying to make themselves feel better.

No matter what the argument, 20 first graders and 6 adults are dead.

The answers to preventing another American style massacre are right in front of us if we have the wisdom to be honest and thoughtful and come to the table to listen and not just to talk.

We’re all smart enough to figure this out.  We seem to have forgotten that this is the same nation that landed men on the moon and brought them home safely with the computing power less than most of today’s smart phones.

26 people have been silenced forever.  20 little lives will not be fully lived.  6 dedicated professionals lost their lives serving their community.

We all lost 26 pieces of our future.

Maybe we can all just quite down long enough to speak civilly and in-depth about how this nation wants to proceed.

To do less is to not honor the memory of those lost.

Silent night.

Merry Christmas.


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