If you’re like the American average, about half of you took a prescription medication in the last month. If you’re over 60, that number jumps to 90%. (stats from the CDC)

Think all those drugs are the real deal? You better hope so, but you’re not longer guaranteed it’s so.

According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, counterfeit drugs generated an estimated $75 billion in revenue in 2010 and that number just promises to go up every year.

Most of us think of the counterfeit drug market in terms of that internet spam that clogs your inbox with cheap deals on viagra. And you’d be right. Like Pfizer, maker of Viagra, pharmaceutical manufacturers are fighting counterfeiters with their own squad of former law enforcement agents and yet they’re barely making a dent.

But the counterfeiting business has expanded (for a whole lot of reasons) and that, coupled with gray market (another entire discussion) has made the legitimate drug supply vulnerable.

I wrote Counterfeit Cure as fiction, but there’s whole lot less fiction in the story now. Get your copy of Counterfeit Cure in March, 2013.


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