Marge’s Big Adventure

hey, i’m back! as i mentioned in my two previous posts, i’ve been working hard on getting my book ready to be published. i’m almost done! you should be able to download my book from the kindle store on amazon in just a few days. you don’t have to own a kindle to read the book, just download the free kindle app for your phone, tablet or pc.

i put that in writing for a reason.

as i get closer to actually publishing the book, i have to admit that i’m getting nervous. all the insecurities that go along with putting your work out there into the world weigh upon me. as my own publisher i’ve had to hire my own editor, develop a cover design, write the book cover copy, submit for copyright, buy my isbns, format for kindle, develop a website and a facebook page, as well as design and order business cards. a lot of decisions had to be made, some of which could turn out to be the wrong ones.

all of what i just mentioned was harder than actually writing the book. writing the book is the fun part. even re-writing the book three or four times is easier than tackling some of the tasks of being my own publisher. that’s probably why i’ve started writing a follow-up book to Counterfeit Cure.

but, this is the year of forging ahead regardless of fears, so onward i go.

so, dear friends and readers, please help me out and download (and read) my book when it becomes available. hopefully you will enjoy it and recommend it to friends, acquaintances, colleagues, people on the street, etc. and post a review on amazon and goodreads and more sites that i’ll share later (this is really critical!).


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One response to “Marge’s Big Adventure

  1. DIana Card

    COOOL! Will do my best 🙂 Looking forward to it!

    Diana From my iPhone

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