Say what?

ever feel like you’re having a completely different conversation with someone than they think they’re having with you?

question: “is it the red one or the blue one?”
answer: “yes”

you know, that kind of thing.

the worst example is politi-speak.

question: “can you cite the source for your accusation that this is a $4 billion-dollar-a-year presidency?”
answer: “i’m trying to get answers on benghazi!”

avoid answering the question about some lie you told earlier and use the occasion of being asked a question to say what you wanted to say in the first place.

apparently we’re all using politi-speak now, but unlike politicians, some of us are actually trying to get things done.

maybe it’s the influence of texting and facebooking and tweeting. before all that we could have one conversation at a time, but now it seems that we’re compelled to have at least two conversations at a time, sometimes more.

could be. or, could be that we’ve just gotten dumber. when we feel dumber, we think that using big words and lots of words makes us sound smarter. of course, we still don’t know what we’re talking about and we still haven’t made the point that needs to be made or even gotten to the heart of the matter, but we’re sure using up a whole lot of words.

maybe. or, maybe we’re just not paying attention. afterall, there are a lot of shiny things in the world.

or, if it’s circular communication at work, it’s because we’re all covering our ass.

regardless of the reason, the continued rise of babble-speak is hindering the process of clear communication and it’s making my blood boil. the more words the other person uses without making any more sense, the more i feel my blood pressure rising.

i have had to find techniques to calm myself down, like gently trying to move the exchange to the point, or giving up hope and just counting the number of words that are used before the speaker gets anywhere near the point.

what works best is just picturing myself stabbing them in the neck with a pen.



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2 responses to “Say what?

  1. Mike

    I always prefer the direct approach. Example: “Well, you just pulled that of your ass, right? That’s complete bullshit. Want to try again? Or are you just going to lie again?”

    Faux News watchers don’t enjoy talking to me.

  2. DIana Card

    Funny – thanks for the laugh! 😀

    Diana From my iPhone

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