Dreams of Grady

I’ve been hard at work formatting the print version of my novel, so I’m reposting something from my archives. By this time next week you should be able to buy a print copy of Counterfeit Cure!

c and i are having a grand time taking day trips every weekend. partly it’s the new jeep, partly its cuz its summertime and partly it’s because we’re sans kids and sans responsibilities (beside the dopey dog but she sleeps all day anyway). and, we’re just good travelers together. you’ve all heard that old saying that the way you travel together is indicative of your entire relationship?

so the first weekend with the new jeep we decided to go out for ice cream… in ocean city, nj, about an hour away. we walked the length of the boardwalk, had lunch and never did get that ice cream. oh well.

next weekend we went to lancaster county (for those of you not from around these parts, lancaster county pa is mostly farm area with a notable amish population ) and deliberately rode around on the windy back roads just to see what we see. lots of corn. some soy beans, but lots of corn. we remember when there used to be acres and acres of tobacco.

last weekend we went back to lancaster county, but this time to denver pa. never heard of it? us neither. but it may as well have been mayberry usa. a cute strip of stores in the downtown… antique store, fix-it shop, sandwich shop, a couple of restaurants, law office, gas station…not a wallmart in sight. kids had their bikes parked on the sidewalk without locks. kind of like when we were growing up (did the crime get worse or did we get more paranoid?) granddad, dad, maybe uncle or friend and a three kids sitting under the shade of a huge tree fishing in the stream. just a breath of fresh air.

inside the ‘antique’ shop we found a few treasures. the whole reason for the trip was to find a brass oil lamp that c had his eye on. (said ‘antique’ shop also posts items on ebay)

(let me back up, the whole thing started when i broke the shade to another oil lamp i bought at a flea market years ago…been looking for a shade and c’s mom graciously gifted us one, but in the meantime i lost the support for the shade…been looking for the support for the shade, but they’re all the wrong size… got a support from c’s mom but it was electrified, c converted it back to oil and ‘reengineered’ the support, so wa la…meantime, c got to thinking about oil lamps and …)

we got the lamp. and there was a whole lot of more stuff we would have gotten but we remembered that we already have too much stuff. i found an old crock i’ve been wanting (except out in denver they don’t charge 2000% more for the dust) and a cheese box just because it was a shaker style round wooden box. i’ll figure out how to use it later. i put the crock to use right away.

ever see that movie doc hollywood? i love that movie. newly minted doctor gets stuck in a small town on his way to hollywood to become a plastic surgeon. antics prevail. characters abound. message is good. the town is grady, sc. i’ve never been to south carolina, but i like the looks of grady.
they did such a good job of making that town the most appealing place on earth. kind of feel like finding places like that in our own backyard. don’t want to live there, just want to spend a day taking a deep breath.


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  1. Diana Card

    Wow – sounds like a lot o’ fun youse is havin’! New Jeep?? WaHOO!!!!

    Here’s to more fun adventures!!

    Diana From my iPhone

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