Let’s make stuff!

ahhhhh summer. time to relax, lounge, read a good book, watch a movie, catch up on correspondence and, if you’re a parent, try desperately to keep the kids from driving you crazy.

i always went to summer school as a kid. when i say that, most people look at me cross-eyed since summer school now is widely recognized to be school for kids who didn’t do well during the school year. my summer school was a time to take enrichment classes that weren’t taught in catholic school – sewing, art and science. i especially liked science because this was hands on cool stuff kind of science that nuns would never have any part of. i remember one summer school teacher hitting a tuning fork on the side of a desk and putting the end in a tray of water so we could “see” sound. another helped us build water rockets that we shot out in the field behind the classroom.

that was all it took for me to most summers setting things on fire with a magnifying glass, building model rockets and finding ways to blow stuff up.

i was lucky enough to stay home with the kids when they were little and i always made it a point to structure part of the day with music, crafts, reading and science stuff.

so in the spirit of summer fun for you and the kids, here are a couple of websites to inspire you to build stuff, make stuff and hopefully, blow stuff up.

instructables – kind of a compilation website that gathers instructions and videos from people who’ve tried things already.

hackaday.com – you’d better be very much up on your game to try some of the stuff on this site. You can find directions to build your own 3d printer!

P.S. the original title of this post was “Let’s Blow Stuff Up!” then i wondered what the NSA would make of that title and i changed it.


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