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i just got back from a weekend trip to new york city. it wasn’t my usual kind of nyc trip where c and i go up to see a broadway show, eat an amazing dinner, enjoy a few drinks and sleep on the train back to philadelphia.

this was a museum trip as well as an opportunity to spend time with my sister.

she was coming to nyc to see the james turrell exhibit at the guggenheim and asked me if i wanted to meet up with her.  photo turrell_zps9d32b63d.png
i like museums, but i confess that i’m not one to necessarily follow what’s going on in museums and the art world, but my sister very much does. she’s well versed and i’m happy to tag along.

we visited mad (museum of arts and design) in columbus circle first to see an exhibit of costume jewelry and one titled “against the grain” an exhibit of art, design and craft in wood. i thought i would enjoy the jewelry exhibit the most, but i was quite taken and amused with the wood exhibit. don’t get me wrong, i always enjoy looking at jewelry and in this exhibit it was clear where the new costume jewelry designers are drawing inspiration, but the wood exhibit was just a kick. many of the artists were quite humorous in designing chairs in which people are unable to sit, better still, there was a hilarious video of a very serious woman dressed in a black dress attempting to fit herself into the insane shapes of chairs.

one of my favorites was on this artist’s riff on the idea of taking contemporary pieces and faking them to look like antiques. touche.
 photo 9106FBE9-5405-452D-A2E7-5E523CC0E483-4536-00000456593EC26A_zps24aec2e5.jpg

the highlight of the trip was the james turrell exhibition at the guggenheim.
i’d never gotten over to the guggenheim before, so it was a treat just to see the building in person, but the turrell exhibition was just amazing. they had three of his earlier pieces in a lower floor gallery, one of which, afrum (1966) was remarkable. the pictures do not do this piece justice, but read a description of it and grab a chance to see it in person some time in your life.

we waited in line for about 45 minutes to see “iltar,” one of turrell’s space division constructions, works that have separate rooms: one for the visitors and one for the “sensing space.” i appreciate what turrell was trying to do, and the museum attempted to limit the number of visitors to the exhibit, but there were just too many darn noisy and annoying people to really absorb what turrell was trying to do here. you can read one critic’s review here (caution: spoiler)

but turrell’s “atien reign” is genius. the pictures and video do not do it justice as it is transformative. not only is the space completely transformed, but it allows for you to be in a very crowded, busy and somewhat noisy space and completely transcend into a meditative space by being showered with changing color and light.

we headed over to the metropolitan museum of art next and saw the ken price exhibit, which was designed by price’s close friend, architect frank o. gehry.

whew! but seeing great art is just good for the soul. and good for your entire being. that’s before i count in time spent with a loved one.

carve time out of your busy day to day and consider something artful around you and take some time to feed your soul. it helps craft you into a better being.


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