Don’t Know Whether It’s Close to Godliness, But it Sure is Easier to Find Stuff

it’s not quite new year’s eve but still the time for cleaning out some of the cobwebs. for c and me this was literally the case last week.

the refrigerator started acting crazy in a way that indicated something amiss with a computerized part, and then it fulfilled its lifelong dream of becoming a child’s toy. luckily, we have a second refrigerator and full freezer in the basement, so at 10pm we began dragging food from upstairs and stashing it downstairs. oh, and we also have a wine and beer refrigerator upstairs, so we stashed the juice and milk and leftovers for breakfast in there. we felt just a tad bit embarrassed that we have so many refrigerators.

you know that when faced with the opportunity to cull what’s in the refrigerator and clean the actual refrigerator itself you must take it, bedtime or not. ugh. apparently we are huge fans of sauces and condiments. and of freezing various items that would be used to make delicious stock if we got around to making stock instead of buying it.

a new circuit board and $350 later, our main refrigerator was happily working again and we were faced with the task of re-establishing order inside the now squeaky clean box. sounds easy, but proved to be a challenge. should the eggs stay on the second shelf or get moved to top shelf where they would be less likely to be jostled? should the jams and jellies stay together in the doors, or can they be split up since they don’t all fit in the doors? does the peanut butter have to reside with the jams and jellies or can it go next to the olives and pickles at the back of the shelves? and where exactly do you put 4 tall containers of juice and milk when the shelf only fits 3? most importantly, we now have an uncluttered spot for the cocktail glasses in the freezer.

there is advice on this topic but we have too many things that just don’t fit where they’re supposed to go. granted, it would be easier to go with the same old ways, but it seemed fitting to use the opportunity to reconsider the configuration and use the space the way the designers intended. but, often designers are idiots and old habits die hard.

by the way, i got to thinking that it would be nice to have a phone app where i could scan the barcode or enter in when something was put in the fridge and have it remind me to throw it out. of course there are already a number of apps for that. really. i’m not going to use any of them because i’m married to a pharmacist who checks dates much more often than i ever do.

just a day after the great refrigerator escapade, we had new carpeting installed, so all that cleaning, organizing and culling had to start all over again on a much larger scale. first, we had to move most of the furniture and i had to vacuum and dust behind the heavier furniture that hardly ever gets moved just to fool the carpet installers into thinking that i clean like that all the time. we found an earring i’ve been looking for waaaaay under the couch. unfortunately, i tossed its mate out thinking it would be hopeless to find the missing earring. back to one now. i’m not tossing this one out though because i’m not really sure that i tossed the other stray one. i’m holding out hope.

next, we had to clean out two heavily used closets. it’s amazing the things you find hidden inside closets, things that seemed so important at the time and are now just an annoyance, like the old throw pillows i was going to strip and recover to match the new bedding and furniture. nope. not going to do that ever. why exactly did we have three brush attachments for the small vacuum? my guess is that we couldn’t find the first one and bought a second one, then couldn’t find the second one and bought a third one. now we have extras and i’m tempted to toss two of them out but as soon as i do…

then there were the three old american flags stashed at the bottom of the coat closet behind the winter boots. you know you can’t just toss an old american flag out in the trash, right? i wish i didn’t know that (and now you wish you didn’t know that too). an american flag has to be disposed on in a proper manner, which involves burning or some kind of ritual gunplay or something. in fact, there’s an entire code for flag behaviors.

point is, there are flag collection boxes somewhere that i can’t remember, the flag store will take them for disposal but it’s always out of my way and we no longer have a boy scout in the family to make to take them to a meeting so the old flags become their problem. so, we still have three old american flags but they are no longer in the closet because they’re by the back door waiting to be properly disposed of. i’m considering hiding them in a bag of old clothes for goodwill and passing the problem along to them. or, burning them in the backyard firepit while singing the national anthem or maybe american the beautiful since that’s more in my singing range.

so, the carpet is in and the bottoms of the closets are neat and clean for now. i’m trying to ignore the upper shelves since i’d have to decide which and how many sets of sheets to get rid of and how. based on the weather of the last week, it’s going to be a long winter so i have plenty of time.

meantime, i feel more clearheaded already. as long as i don’t go near my basement.



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2 responses to “Don’t Know Whether It’s Close to Godliness, But it Sure is Easier to Find Stuff

  1. Diana Card

    Very well put!! We recently had carpet cleaned (not quite like getting new, but sufficient work all the same) and too the opportunity to rearrange furniture and stuff to create more space, hard to come by in a 1BR apt with a small storag closet on the patio. Before we quite settled, we were told all windows and the sliding glass door were being replaced, so please clear 2-3 feet around all. Great! We were partially ready! Now all is done, we have a more spacious feel. Clean rug and double panes windows PLUS now the small window in the kitchen opens (it was just a pane before).

    It’s all good – happy holidays to you! 😉

    Diana From my iPhone

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