Another Round of Whiskey

apparently i was suffering from a whiskey withdrawal of some sort when i wrote my first whiskey post and completely forgot three of the main whiskies i’ve been enjoying for years. but since there can never be enough said about whiskey, here’s more about the amber nectar of the gods.

first, a correction. when i posted the recipe that c invented for the counterfeit cure cocktail, i forgot to list the vermouth. so, here’s the correct recipe:

the counterfeit cure cocktail

1.5 oz dad’s hat bourbon
.5 oz grand marnier
1.0oz of martini and rossi sweet red vermouth
some drops of blood orange bitters
stir over ice and pour into a chilled cocktail glass and top with homemade maraschino cherries

one of our mainstay whiskies has always been knob creek, a big, bold bourbon. for me, this is not a mixing bourbon since it is so assertive, but it’s nice for sipping, preferably over rocks.

as with many of the distillers now, knob creek makes a variety of flavors of bourbon, but i’m not sure i’m ever interested in trying them. kind of like gilding the lily.

c was given a bottle of basil haydens one year and we’ve been fans ever since. this is a mellow, gently kind of bourbon with nice clean flavor. i particularly like a whiskey sour made with this bourbon.

last but not least (unless i’ve forgotten even more whiskies) is good old bushmills, an irish whiskey. this is one we’ve probably been enjoying the longest, so long ago in fact that i can’t remember not having it (which makes it more ridiculous that i forgot about it in my first post) this is our once-a-year shot on opening day of the eagles’ football season. eagles’ fans will relate that though we say it’s for good luck, a stiff shot is just a way to get through the season.

if you’re really looking for a treat, try a black and tan (half guinness, half harp) or a black and darker tan (guinness and smithwick’s) with a shot of bushmills. deliciously smooth and it will put a bit of sparkle in your eye.


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