Next Steps

if anyone had told me when i was a kid that i would get as much pride out of my kids’ achievements as i did of my own achievements, i would have told them they were crazy. and yet, it has happened.

j, our youngest just graduated from temple university’s boyer college of music with a degree in music education and jazz performance. he was our third college graduate, so we’re three for three and most of our friends and family are sick of us bragging about it. well, sometimes you get the privilege of bragging. at least for a little while.

it’s not just the big things like graduating from college that get me beaming. it’s all the day-to-day things they do – things that show how they use their skills and talents and figure things out – that make me so proud.

all three of our kids are working and mostly self-supporting and these days that’s saying a lot. so maybe they don’t have the job they always wanted yet (how many of us do), or are earning as much as they want to earn (how many of us do) but they are working and living their own lives, making their own decisions and navigating their own relationships. in short, they have been launched.

every once in a while we meet up with parents of kids that our kids went to school with and it’s astonishing to hear just how many kids didn’t make it through the whole launch process very well. i’m not judging based on things like living at home due to college debt or trouble finding a job — that’s stuff tied to the economy and screwed up political decisions in this country – i’m talking about bigger issues like drugs or crime or early divorce or aimless/chaotic living, jail or even death from drug overdose.

it’s very sad to hear that some of those kids who were filled with potential when they were little just lost something along the way. it makes me wonder what happened and why. sometimes you could see that it was parents not taking up the job of being a parent and sometimes it seems like there is little reason at all. i don’t believe in always blaming parents because it seems to me that parents can’t take credit for all the good in their kids nor can they be blamed for all the bad.

it makes me grateful that c and i have three great kids. we love them, we’re proud of them and we’re so happy to have good relationships with them and their significant others. life doesn’t get much better than that.



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2 responses to “Next Steps

  1. Diana Card

    Congratulations to you all – I am proud to have such a wonderful family in my life! 🙂


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