Ain’t No Bathtub Here

Let’s get ginned up! Through the fall and winter months I’ve been enjoying many a wonderful whiskey but now that the weather has turned hot, I’m back to gin.

Among spirits, gin is probably has the lowest sales in the U.S., so it’s been slow in catching the attention of new small batch distillers. Oddly too, people react rather negatively to gin.
Order whiskey and you get a “you’re so cool” kind of look. Order vodka and people flash you a “party on”, but order a gin drink and you’ll get this face.

Gin is having a bit of a moment in Germany, but they seem to be all kinds of snooty about it – as in, you not only have to choose what gin to drink, but what tonic to drink with it. Seriously? How about the bartender just make a damn suggestion ‘cuz my brain is just too filled up with old sitcom theme songs and I don’t have room to remember which tonic pairs nicely with which gin.

So the supposition is that people think they hate gin when what they actually hate is tonic water. I rather like the taste of tonic water. And I like the taste of gin. So there you go.
I have to admit that I’m going to use the skills of my pharmacist husband to help me make my own tonic water .

I was always content to drink Gordon’s or Bombay Sapphire dry gin with some Canada Dry tonic and a squeeze of lime. Then I kind of moved over to Tangueray #10. But, like whiskey, distillers have embarked on new versions of gin and I’ve stumbled upon a couple of them.

Some people at work started talking about a new gin that they started drinking. I’m pretty sure they just started drinking it because it’s hard to get and they’re competitive about being first adopters and not because they actually enjoy gin. No matter, ‘cuz I landed with a bottle of it as a gift.

Uncle Val’s Botanical gin is quite delicious. But, it’s not the kind of gin you go willy nilly mixing with tonic because it is veeeery botanical forward, you might say almost a bit chewy. I’ve found the best way to enjoy it is with a bit of fresh lime and some fizzy water, or sipped just ice cold. They’ve got some recipes on their website that I tried, but there are just too many flavors going on for me. Stick with a lighter accompaniment and let this gin shine on its own merits.

My favorite gin for right now is Blue Coat American Dry Gin. This has delicious botanical qualities but it’s smoother than Uncle Val’s and marries beautifully with a bit of tonic and lime.

But in researching gins recently, I’ve discovered that I’ve only just gotten a toe wet as there are a number of new American gins being made that I haven’t yet seen let alone tried. Food and Wine did a recent article on-line as did another site

See though, the nice part is that I have a lot of happy days ahead of tasting new gins. Now that’s a way to get refreshed in the hot weather.

** Explanation of the bathtub reference for those of you who aren’t up on American slang.


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