Five Years Later than 100 Days

Hard to believe but today marks five years since L’s bone marrow transplant. It seems like a world away, but it’s a world in which we still live in various ways and a world that will always be a part of L and all who love her.

The best news is that L has had a series of good health news lately, very good health news and that certainly helps to wipe away much of the tough road she has had getting here.

Besides her very good health news, L and her husband and the rest of their family and close friends have much to be proud of. She and P made their marriage endure through and beyond the toughest of times any couple could imagine and no couple ever wants to have to live through. Yet, they moved through it and continue to move forward in building their lives together.

I’m proud to say that we are still close as a family, closer maybe, because tough times amplify underlying family issues, which can be used to build or destroy. We — all of us — nuclear family and extended family, chose to build.

L, like all of us, has been able to see who her true friends are and move closer to them. We have been able to reconnect with friends who added to our lives in ways that we had forgotten. And we are the better for it.

It’s seems all so easy to say now, a result of time and distance, but we know that L had years of rough times. It’s still a moving moment to look back on but it is oh so satisfying to look around now with a proud smile and look ahead to a bright future.


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One response to “Five Years Later than 100 Days

  1. Diana Card

    Amen and praise be! So happy we are still all in this wonderful Life together!

    BIG hugs all around!


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