read see think is a forum for topics of mass discussion. 

why create a(nother) blog-ezine?

(first flippant) answer is, why not?  the second (less flippant) answer is that i wanted an excuse to write (and post) short pieces in between working on my novels (which are soon to be available on kindle and nook…more about that later). the third (less flippant) answer is that some of my friends are talented writers and i wanted to coerce them into allowing me to post some of their work.

okay, so (maybe) all the answers above are (a little) on the flippant side.

here’s the more serious story.  about a year ago our oldest child was informed that she needed a bone marow transplant (at the age of 24) to cure her her chronic myeloid leukemia.  long story later, her transplant was scheduled at md anderson in houston, tx, (the premier bmt facility in the world).  we live just outside philadelphia pa.

my husband held down the fort with (our other two children were away at college) (and) the dog(more about the dog) while i moved to tx with our daughter and her husband for about 4 months.  (bmt patients need at least 100 days of intense care for the first part of recovery)  (more about those 100 day will appear on this blog-ezine).

life changed in more ways than i could have imagined.  i changed.  our family changed. 

our daughter is recovering beautifully and the outlook for her long term health is excellent.  our family weathered the experience with strength and grace.

in short, time’s moving along and i’m not waiting around. i want to read it. see it. think it.  and do it.  so i did.

i hope  enjoy this blog-ezine.

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  1. Eileen Cunniffe

    That Easter outfit takes me back! We had the same schedule for new clothes and shoes. My Mom and I were just remembering recently what modest shoe inventories we had as kids: one pair for school (black and white saddles shoes), one for Sundays (maybe two–one black for Labor Day through Easter, one white for Easter through labor Day), one pair of sneakers. Mom still owned (and wore) what she called her “8th-grade boots” the whole time I was growing up. Thanks for the memories.

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