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Pysankas and more

When I was little my mom started a collection of eggs for me. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly know why and I never asked, but I suppose it was just something for us to share. The first eggs were little Limoges porcelain eggs from France that a neighbor brought home after a trip to France. Then I got it in my head to collect an egg from countries around the world. I have quite a few but I haven’t added to the collection in many years and I struggle with where to put all the ones I have. I displayed some of them for awhile, but honestly, it just feels too fussy to have around, not to mentioned that it’s a pain in the neck to dust.

Still, this time of year I can’t resist taking the pieces out and enjoying their beauty and the memories associated with them. I share just a few with you here.

These are pysanka, traditional Ukrainian easter eggs. They are real egg shells with intricate designs dyed onto the shell using a batik wax technique. A student of my mom’s brought them back from a trip and I’m amazed that a high school student got them from Ukraine to the US in one piece.

This is a large porcelain egg from Hungary. The artist used a single hair brush to paint some of the detail in the design.

Another large porcelain egg with a bisque finish from Japan. The flowers are raised and delicate.

Blue and white glazed pottery egg from Portugal. I just love how the artist placed the flowers and left a lot of white space.

Classic Wedgewood pottery egg. This is the smaller of the two that I own. The larger one got broken by the kids when they were little because I foolishly left it out on the coffee table. Cliff meticulously pieced it back together but it still looks like a mess. I keep it though, I just don’t put it out.

Large Irish Belleek china egg. Besides that it is the iconic bone color and high glaze, I just love how the stylized flowers are kind of randomly sprinkled over the egg, giving it a kind of movement and lightness.

This is a plexiglass egg that my sister got me many years ago when I visited her in Berkeley, CA in 1972. The artist, who lived near her, poured liquid plexiglass in half of the mold, suspended a dried flower inside then poured move plexiglass to fill the mold. It’s difficult to do this without getting any bubbles inside. This material scratches very easily but I’m managed to keep it relatively scratch free.

Various stone eggs. Some agate and some marble. The two white eggs are just frosted glass and I was told that they were used to encourage hens to lay eggs where you wanted them to be laid.

The Limoges eggs from Limoges, France where the porcelain is made. The small egg with the yellow flower was the first egg in the collection, brought back from France by a friend of my mother’s. It very much reminds me of my mother as she was an avid rose gardener and her favorite color was yellow.

This is just a fraction of the collection, I’ll share more as the years go by. I’ll probably always struggle with the pull of displaying the collection vs. the uncluttered feeling of a clean room. But the pieces are filled with memories and a reminder of my mother.


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